When looking for a place for meetings, seminars, or special events for your company, you should at least consider the location, funds, and the number of people attending the meeting. But all that is meaningless if you and hotel management chooses to fail to pay attention to the small important things. By renting a place for a meeting at a Novotel hotel, you can reduce the risk of failure of an event, for detailed information about the Novotel hotel, you can visit http://www.novotelphuketvintagepark.com

There are many causes for the failure of an event. Consider common problems that often occur in real life: Miss communication about time/date. Traffic estimates in the vicinity of the meeting are incorrect. Miscommunication regarding facilities and technology. Big hidden costs and more.

There are 5 things to be aware of when booking a meeting room at a hotel:

1. Time

Hold meetings or seminars at the right time. Days and hours are important factors, this needs to be considered to accommodate meeting participants and guests.

I was once at an event at a hotel, where another major event was taking place. When this happens, the hotel will become overcrowded and the meeting and entry spaces will be uncomfortable.

Make sure the hotel knows your concerns and discuss them before you sign a booking agreement. A good hotel will advise about when is a good time.

2. Facilities

Make a list of the facilities needed is good, but make sure the list that is made includes all of them. What whiteboard is provided? Drinking water is given? What about the sound system – is it provided? If so, what about the quality? Discuss in detail to avoid misunderstanding about what is provided and what is not.

3. Price list and hidden costs

Make sure you know what you are paying for and how much it costs. Also, ask with certainty whether there will be additional costs. All details, the things paid and the amount must be stated in the booking agreement.

4. Order confirmation

Do not underestimate order confirmation. There are instances where meetings, seminars or exhibitions fail due to miscommunication regarding dates and times.

When you book, make sure the hotel website uses special software for bookings. A simple web form is not enough – it is less trustworthy and you may have to confirm repeatedly.

5. Accommodation

If your meeting or event ends late at night, is located outside the city or lasts more than one day, you may need to discuss booking a hotel room for participants or meeting guests. Communicate this with your speaker, participant or guest and make sure enough room bookings for everyone.