A Man’s 30th Birthday Party Ideas in San Diego California

A Man’s 30th Birthday Party Ideas in San Diego California

Here are a few men 30th birthday party ideas in San Diego that will growing up feel impossible. Happy birthday!


SeaWorld San Diego is one of the city’s big attractions, particularly for families. It is placed along the waterfront in Mission Bay. For many Americans, SeaWorld has been a very long family tradition, having been around since 1960s. among the highlights are presents featuring sea lions, killer whales, dolphins and other sea life. There are all types of rides, from roller coasters plowing to water to more sedate carnival kind rides for tots.

Seaport village

Seaport San Diego village is a delightful location to stroll around and spend an afternoon. Placed right on the waterfront, this place of special restaurants and shops is one of the city must-views. Benches, picnic tables, and waterfront patio sprinkled all through the area, and weekends can be extremely busy. This place even is close to boat rentals making it the perfect outdoor activity place to also celebrate a bachelor party with San Diego strippers throughout the entire day and evening. Outdoor performers take to the level regularly in the afternoons, some of which can be pretty electrical. The place is simply accessible on foot from many of the nearby attraction adding the USS Midway.

Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala

This was California primary mission. In 1769, the Spanish Franciscan father from Majorca, Junipero Serra, placed on the mission stations, the primary of which was built in San Diego. A few years it was founded, anyway, it was moved 6 miles Inland because disputes had arisen between the Indians and Spanish troops. In 1775, the Indians set fire to the latest mission; the Fathers sought refuge with the army and it was 1777 before they built a latest mission statement with the support of the Indians.

Mission beach

This charming 3 mile stretch is the location to go for a leisurely walk, people-watching and sun-bathing. The boardwalk is also a famous place for skateboarding, rollerblading, and cycling. A highlight of Mission Beach is Belmont Park, an East-Coast style seaside amusement park done with a historic roller coaster, fairground eateries, amazing restaurants, and street performances. The carnival ambience attracts visitors to relish a day of fun in the sun.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park encompasses a 1,400 acre place with historical buildings, numerous gardens, museums, and green area. The major architecture is Spanish-style low-rise buildings that combine in with the natural surroundings. Among the highlights of the park are the lily pond and botanical gardens, the Museum of Man, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History,  popular San Diego Zoo, and the Museum of art San Diego. Even if you never go into a building, the park is just a charming location.