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Binary Options – Popular Assets

Binary options trading and robots, such as The Brit Method, have recently become a very popular form of investment, trading binary options empower you to trade in a variety of financial instruments.

Trading binary options allow you to turn your knowledge of the financial markets into huge profit, even if you are not familiar with binary options, you can learn options trading within a short amount of time.

binary options

So what are binary options?

Binary options are sometimes referred as digital options, both terms are representing the same form of investment taking place in an online format, the term “binary options” emphasises that there are only two choices when trading in digital options.

The choices are; binary put option or binary call option.

Binary call option: A prediction that the price of an underlying asset will go up during the time elapsed from strike time (the time when the option has been bought) to the expiration time.

Binary put option: A prediction that the price of an underlying asset will go down in the same time window; the time between strike time and expiration time.

Choosing your binary options strategy depends on strike time and the asset you are investing in. Different assets require different strategies.

What popular assets are available for trade?

The list of assets changes from one website to another, the list bellow consist assets that you will usually find on most binary options trading websites:


Financial indices track the performance of a “basket” of stocks, each index represents a specific economy, or in regarding the U.S stock market every index represents different sector in the market.

There are few common indices available for investment:

S P; 500 – The S P; 500 components are 500 companies that have the largest market capitalization in the U.S. The S P; 500 index is maintained by Standard amp; Poor’s company.

NASDAQ-100 – NASDAQ 100 is a stock market index that includes 100 publicly trading companies, which has the largest market value on NASDAQ.

DOW JONES ‘” Also referred as Dow30, in the past it used to consist 30 of the largest heavy industry companies, today the Dow 30 consist companies from the industrial sector if the U.S economy, unnecessary companies from the heavy industrial sector.

FTSE-100 – FTSE 100 is an index of 100 UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, it is owned by the financial times and the U.K stock exchange.

CAC 40 – The French stock market index that consists 40 of the most significant valued companies. The CAC 40 consists of Vinci, Schneider Electric, Saint-Gobain, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citron, Michelin, L’Oral and more.

DAX 30 – The DAX30 inconsistssist 30 major companies with the largest market capitalization that being traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Most binary options websites are offering binary options trading on future options of commodities as oil, gold and more. Commodities price usually changes due to global adjustments and changes in supply and demand or to geopolitical events that influence on the supply of a certain commodity or on its demand.

Currency Pairs

Trading binary options on the exchange rate between currency pairs: The British pound versus United States dollar, the exchange rate of the Euro versus the U.S Dollar.

Specific Stocks – Binary options on the share price of specific stocks as Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and Morgan Stanley Stock Price.

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