Many mothers choose the option of working at home because it allows them to work around the family while also earning a salary. However, while employees enjoy a regular salary, this benefit is not afforded to work-at-home mums. It’s also a more common route for mothers to take as it’s no longer viable for many families to live on one salary.

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Some mums choose not to work while they are raising children. However, others have little or no choice, and they also worry about the impact of their job on their development of their children. Some see it as setting a good example, while others choose not to work for the first four to five years of their children’s lives.

Stay in control of your finances and don’t overspend

However, all women should stay in control of their finances, and that means keeping up to date with payments. Mortgage payments, direct debits and credit cards should be a priority. Once these are covered, some money should be channelled into a weekly shopping budget. Meal planning will help this sum to stretch as far as possible.

Never rely on credit cards for extravagant or unnecessary purchases. Don’t allow your bank accounts to be overdrawn as this leads to a build-up of debt and added fees. Keep the accounts filled with cash to allow for a slack month work-wise as well as the need for work equipment or office supplies.

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Many mothers turn to financial advisers to help maximise their income. Professionals will use a variety of software for financial advisors, such as, in the ever-changing market.

According to Happiful, Work and Pensions Secretary and Minister for Women Amber Rudd has recently launched a new website where parents and others who want flexible careers can find suitable roles.

Enjoy the time at home as many don’t have this opportunity

So many mothers do not have the opportunity to work at home, so once you have established your business niche and are turning over a profit, take time to organise your finances and try to remain in control of outgoings. Enjoy the time at home and focus on the business or the freelance work. Staying positive at all times will help you succeed; remember that if others can make it work, you can, too!