Granite is one type of natural stone that consider as Large Stone Tiles The price is not cheap since it can produce a luxurious impression. For those of you who are interested in installing granite floors at home, you can see a variety of them on the website Here are various things about Granite:

  1. The granite floor is thick and strong because it goes through a burning process up to 1000 ° Celsius. Even so, the surface of the granite floor remains smooth and very bright which gives it a luxurious impression. Besides, the granite floor is also resistant to scratches Even though it has many advantages, it does not mean that the granite floor has no disadvantages. The installation of granite floors is quite complicated, so you should use professional services from Amber Tiles.
  2. The granite floor has several colors that suit different functions of the room to make the room and the granite floor match each other. For example, black granite flooring should be installed in the kitchen or bathroom to give the impression of firmness and shade. In addition to color, granite floor motifs also need to be considered.
  3. The installation of granite flooring begins with making the foundation in the form of a layer of cement to make the floor surface as flat as possible. After that, the dried cement layer is covered by adhesive. To make granite floor long-lasting, take care of it based on its characteristics. To clean it from dirt, just wipe a damp cloth to it. Afterward, don’t forget to dry it with a dry cloth as soon as possible. In a few weeks, use a special granite cleaning fluid so that there is no crust stains. Avoid acidic or abrasive liquid on the granite floor. To avoid scratches, use a thick cloth as furniture footwear