How The Social Security Administration Determines Disability

How The Social Security Administration Determines Disability

The Social Security Administration has started making progress in reducing the time for review and approval of claims for Social Security Disability benefits. Charge Off: A debt or loan that is no longer deemed as collectible by the creditor, and hence, the account is transferred to the category of bad debt or loss. For example, a 40 year-old Claimant who became disabled in 2003 would have had to have worked and paid FICA taxes for at least 10 years during his lifetime, and for at least 5 years between 1992 and security administration

Social Security pertains to a social insurance program which gives assurance and protection against adverse social conditions like poverty, unemployment, discrimination, disability and old age. And after the necessary analysis has been conducted, provided that a person meets the social security administration’s standards of eligibility, their claim will be approved and they can then look forward to receiving security administration

Generally, the issuer of the card makes adjustment for all the payments and credit during the billing period, and then calculates the charges. The purpose of this card and number is to track individuals for taxation purposes and for providing other security administration

A spousal applicant must wait until the worker has reached retirement age, 62, in order to apply for benefits. To rectify this tragic situation, the Social Security Administration (SSA) launched an all-out national effort to reduce the backlog. Among the highlights – a new program called QDD (quick disability determination) which is designed to identify those cases where a claimant is clearly disabled and is unlikely to recover.

It is important for every U.S. citizen to handle his social security card properly and report to the authorities in case of its loss or theft. If the DDS finds the claimant disabled, SSA will complete any outstanding non-disability development, compute the benefit amount, and begin paying benefits.