If you want help for your small business from your banker, you have to learn to think like your banker. The act expands the income-based student loan repayment program. Active Account: An account characterized by many transactions, with a transaction activity reported in the last 90 days to a Credit Reporting Agency. Debit Card: A card that allows the holder to withdraw money or deduct the cost of purchases directly from the bank account of the holder.

Ceiling Rate: The maximum interest rate that can be charged by a lender, which gets automatically imposed in case of a delinquent payment. As compared to conventional lending institutions, private loans have no lengthy procedures, and you get the loan amount at the earliest.

This type of card helps keep business expenses separate from personal expenses and charges. For example, a vendor requires an authorization code to process a credit card transaction on behalf of the customer who is paying for the goods or services. At times, it so happens that individuals and organizations tend to borrow many debts and use a lot of credit facilities.

Find all kinds of information about small businesses, right from beginning a small business, to getting government grants, analyzing the market, etc. Most financial institutions have a portion of their website dedicated to businesses and typically provide information on the type and availability of their loans within this section.

Automated Clearing House: A nationwide fund transfer network that allows the participating businesses or financial institutions to electronically transfer funds among each other within the United States. To make your life easier, there are online instruments such as comparison tools, debt and repayment calculators and budget planners which could help you get a better understanding of the loan package.