While so many digital companies are focused on landing large contracts through jargon based best practices one important aspect of digital marketing is left out. We are all aware of the benefits of SEO and brand awareness but how many of us know the importance of content marketing? Authentic content marketing is the most effective way to reach a target market audience.

While in the days gone by, you could easily rely on your products and services alone to bring in leads, times have changed. The younger generation of purchase decision makers are changing the way in which all businesses trade online and it’s time we’re all on the same page. On online survey suggests that over 80{0f0f1c7e02bdc0566beb6e22fa5232f83512e650b042840e820c5270f763c9bc} of millennials do not like to see advertising online.

Today the online audience is more aware than even of a business who is trying capitalise on a trend or who falsely advertises their service. When you have honest content you show those clicking through to your site that you are transparent. Authentic content is short has become the key to creating better customer engagement across all platforms. Having said this, however, there are good and bad ways to deliver authenticity to your audience.

Authentically marketing your content

Creating the content is not hard, but the way you deliver your content is. Here are a few starter tips for creating amazing authentic content for marketing:

• Your voice – You need to know whether your content will be funny, serious or strange. Keep in mind that not all businesses will benefit from humorous content and not all business can get away with always serious content.

• Be Consistent – Once you have found your voice you need to be consistent. You cannot be serious in one post and funny in the nest. Also never break the stream of content. If you are posting new content every two days you need to stick to it.

• Know the Audience – Know who you’ll be delivering your content too. If you are a medical supply company it is not advised that you suddenly attempt political satire.

• Perspective – Never be afraid to give your audience content written from your perspective. After all, who knows your industry and your business better than you?

• Be relevant – You need to make sure that all the components of your content including Meta descriptions are kept relevant to the content you are producing.

• Respect – Always be respectful to those posting on your website or social media platforms. Respectful engagement means more to people than you think.

Authentic Content Benefits

There are a number of key benefits to producing authentic content and best of all there are free tools to help you track your engagement improvements. One of the main benefits of producing authentic content is that your audience will be refined. This means you will lose people who are not interested in your line of business but you will be able to keep those who are more likely to use your services. Another key benefit to authentic content is its ability to add value to your business. This is done by building trust with those following your company.