One of key essential skills of being a manager is the ability to lead your team. They are the ones who will find the right people to form a team that will perform the actions necessary to achieve the goals. Often the SWOT analysis process commences with a group of people sitting near a whiteboard or flipchart paper and letting the ideas management

As a leader in any business, managers or owners must have a deep concern for the people that are placed under them. It has been around for a while, starting off as a no-nonsense customer management service, and has comprehensively evolved into a fine and innovative business management management

When the employee doesn’t work out, the organization looks to the employee failure; rather the organization’s failure to ensure job requirements were understood by the employee, so that the employee could have a chance of successfully meeting job requirements.

Business analysts need excellent communication skills, people management abilities, ability to work in a team and hardworking ability. ISO 9001 is much more than a standard, it should be part of a business’ strategic plan and not simply thought of as a quality management standard for product or service conformance or as a standard to achieve ISO 9001 management

Xerox: to help people find better ways to do great work (by constantly leading in document technologies, products and services that improve customer work processes and business results). It utilizes human resources for the achievement of organizational goals.