The Next Biggest Trends For Property Investors In The UK

The Next Biggest Trends For Property Investors In The UK

The UK has become a hotspot for property investors in recent years, from both abroad and at home. When it comes to choosing the prime location to invest your hard earned cash in, there are a number of places topping the lists. In the UK, many people are inclined to head North, as that’s where many see a higher ROI than South. With that being said, here are the next biggest trends for property investors in the UK:

  1. Glasgow

Glasgow has slowly risen up the ranks as a great place to invest in property within the last 10 or so years. Unexpectedly, a huge number of the Glaswegian population is 21-35 year olds. This is amazing news for prospective property investors as there’s a good ROI with rental prices, particularly due to the large university. Due to the housing crisis Scotland has a few years ago, house prices have been slow to increase – which is why there is no better to invest in Glasgow property than now.

  1. Birmingham

Somewhat an undesirable destination even 5 years ago, Birmingham is changing its infamous reputation one day at a time. This up and coming city has plenty to offer property buyers, not least the possibilities of astonishingly fast travel to London once the high-speed train line HS2 is running. It’s thought that this will encourage more people to buy in Birmingham. Though it may be hard to believe, it is Britain’s second largest city.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is no stranger to a property investor’s radar as it’s often regarded as London’s biggest rival. It has become the most popular city for investors in 2018, with 2019 set to be more of the same. Due to millions of pounds worth of investment, the city has changed into a cultural hub, transforming its previous reputation. It’s now a metropolitan city suitable for young professionals and white collar workers alike. Property management Manchester is competitive, aiming to provide people an exceptional standard of living in the city.

  1. Liverpool

Like many cities in Northern England, Liverpool has been given a new lease of life thanks to an increase in government funding. This, coupled with it’s recent ‘capital of culture’ accolade, has now helped to put Liverpool on the map. It has seen the city transform into one of most popular places for investors in the UK. With their plants to renovate a 60-hectare brownfield site into 5 neighbourhoods, there’s no better time to buy than now.

  1. Nottingham

Nottingham is well known for its prestigious university, encouraging students to stay on and live in the city once they’ve graduated. This provides great opportunities for investors to buy property, with increasing commercial property management services, it’s catered towards young professionals. It’s already a bustling city with great amenities and transport links, but within the next 10 years it’s set to see property prices rise by a whopping 160{0f0f1c7e02bdc0566beb6e22fa5232f83512e650b042840e820c5270f763c9bc}.