I really drew a straight flush when I called this place for secretarial services. The girl was still in college and I am going to try to set her up to work with us when she graduates. At any rate I needed to get a lot of stuff done and I had no one else to help me. Normally when you get a random girl from a place like this, you just do not expect that much from her and you get even less than that. However she got hold of my agenda and got about one third of it done while I was trying to figure out my way around the bureaucracy. It turned out that she had relatives all over the place and all she had to do was introduce me and they would magically take my calls and help me accomplish every little thing that the company wanted me to do. I was amazed at how rapidly it all got done.

When I was done I figured that I could probably take about three more weeks there and bill the company for everything. Instead I told them that we should give her three weeks pay, going around the temporary service we had gotten her from. We put her on salary to help us with the next phases of the project that we are working on. After we looked at her grades in school we decided that it was a good idea to make her a good offer now. Once she has finished with school there will be plenty of people fighting to hire her. I told her that I would buy her an expensive dinner, but instead she took me to a restaurant that belonged to her uncle. All her relatives spent the entire night telling me how awesome she was.