Three simple rules to create stunning designs by using a laser engraver

Three simple rules to create stunning designs by using a laser engraver

Who doesn’t love beautiful things? From the starting of human civilizations, people are always working hard to make things beautiful. The hard-working people of today’s fashion industry is always trying their best to create unique designs. But when it comes to delicate designs, mass productions face an extreme level of problems due to a limited number of skilled personnel. For instance, creating wooden art piece requires years’ experience. You can’t expect a high quality engraved designs on a plain sheet of wooded from a novice carpenter.

Things have changed a lot after the groundbreaking advanced of semiconductor blue laser technology (this same technology is used in the blu ray devices). Normal hobbyists possesed a home CNC machine can easily engrave designs on different materials such as wood, leather, plastic, etc. with an extreme level of ease. Just by using the laser engraving head, you can easily operate the CNC machines with a bunch of computer inputs. Many skilled people often prefer to use PLH3D series laser heads due to its compact size and user-friendly design. You can easily create amazing designs on different wooden jewelry without having advanced technical skills. In today article we will give you three simple amazing tips which will help you create stunning designs without having any flaws.

Practice makes a man perfect

Experience does speak when it comes to designing industry. Though you will be using the latest blue laser technology to engrave the designs, still you need to adapt to this modern equipment before you gain precision in the designs. Instead of working with the main objects, start engraving on a sample piece of woods. It will help you to understand how the engraving laser head really works. If you purchase the laser engraving heads from Opt Lasers (, you will also get a detailed user manual which will help you tremendously in the designing process. Once you know the technical specs, it won’t be hard to use the software and laser engraving heads like the profession.

Use masking tape

If you use the engraving heads for the very first time, you might end up with burning marks in the woods. The burning marks impose a severe threat to the end designs of your product and it loses the value in the eye of fashion lovers. But there is an easy solution to this problem. Use the masking tape so that the excess heat from the laser beam will be absorbed by the masking tape during the designing process. The idea is to create an extra layer over the wood so that you don’t end up with a burnt mark near the engraved designs.

Use proper materials

Selection of the materials plays a great role in creating stunning designs on woods and other materials. For instance, when you engrave on dark leather chances are very high the designs will not be vivid. For this very reason, professionals use light color leather to create vivid designs. When it comes to wooden materials, make sure you are not dealing with a damp piece of wood. Chose the materials carefully so that you can easily create beautiful designs.