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In the summer I always have a few herbs growing in my windowsill. I always have chives! Chives are fun to grow and I love using their beautiful edible flowers in a dish.

Do not be afraid of the fish

Why Is Exhalation So Important?

In a world where everyone talks about “proper breathing” and “deep breathing”, how much importance do we give to exhalation? Some say exhalation can even transform our lives. Should we believe them?  As you read these lines, pause a little to …

Maria Mind Body Health

Anyone else LOVE lobster like I do?

I love that lobster is a perfect protein sparing food that is also delicious on it’s own!

Lobster is delicious if cooked properly! This is why I made this recipe for Easy Baked

I Exercise, But Cannot Lose Weight

Do you exercise, but cannot lose weight? You may be going to the gym and spending a lot of your time there. You may not just lift weights, but join group programs, do aerobic exercise and sweat a lot. You …