No matter if you are a practising surgeon, dentist, doctor or other health professional, you’ll already be aware that one of the biggest hurdles you can face when presenting yourself to potential patients is fear. A large majority of patients feel uneasy or wary of medical professionals due to past negative experiences or phobia. There is even a fear called “White Coat Anxiety” which is where patients instantly feel unease as soon as they step foot in a medical setting.

In the modern, online era, this fear is more prevalent than ever as so often, a patient’s first interaction with a new cosmetic surgeon, dentist or doctor is online, which means that they are unable to get a feel for the clinic or surgery in person. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways you can make your cosmetic surgery more approachable for patients.

Create Your Own Content

One of the most important goals for improving your online appearance is to improve the quality of the content that you are sharing online. Part of this goal should be to set your clinic apart from your competitors, but it should be geared toward providing useful information and insight about your clinic to potential patients. So many healthcare settings share the same kind of information, but you want to give your patients an unparalleled insight into how you differ from others and this can be done through the use of content creation.

Whether you want to create short and snappy video content that lends itself perfectly to Instagram or TikTok to capture a younger audience or want to create more detailed and fact-driven content about treatment for breast augmentation in Manchester for a very specific local audience, creating your own content is easier than ever. All you need these days is a smartphone and basic apps or software.

Introduce Your Team

Many nervous or wary patients will try and read through as much information as they can about your practice online before they arrange a consultation, so this is your chance to introduce potential patients to you and your team. As well as increasing the information on your “About” page, you could also consider adding short bios, introductions and photographs of you and your team who patients may come into contact with throughout their journey.

Bios should include information about an individual’s qualifications and their treatment specialities, but this should be written in a conversational and personable tone, rather than monotonous chunks of text. For images, use either professional headshots or of the individual at work in the clinic. Images should show your team in a likeable and approachable way, so opt for photos of your team smiling and looking at the camera. As well as introducing your team, you should also include photos of the clinic and areas where patients are likely to see during their visit.

Target A Local Audience

If you’re looking to expand your client list, then you may be considering implementing paid advertising, such as PPC and social media advertising. But, it’s important that if you want to make your clinic seem approachable, that you consider targeting local audiences through location targeting on the chosen advertising platform.

For example, if you are a cosmetic surgery in Manchester, then look to set the radius of around 5-10 miles from your surgery’s location to make sure you are capturing a local audience. By targeting local audiences, you’re more likely to get conversions, plus it increases the feelings of trust if potential patients can easily visualise your clinic.

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