A Look at Five Property Videography Services

A Look at Five Property Videography Services

There is no denying the fact that after March 2020, the entire world saw a drastic and unprecedented change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many things changed, especially during the first few months, our property photography company weathered the storm and continued to provide top class property marketing services. Even so, we have continuously upheld and adhered to the guidelines provided by the government to protect both our staff and clients. As a matter of fact, the property market has experienced a recent boom with more and more people preferring to stay away from crowded cities. People have also started to recognise the importance of certain amenities and the need to reside in areas with close proximity to these amenities.

Our company is a master at providing quality videography services ensuring that we create property walkthroughs that, depending on the purpose, are either very simple or extravagant through the use of world-class drone and video technology. Read on to find out more about our five most sought after services to help you determine whether you need videography services.

Virtual View that Allows You to Feel Like You’re Actually There

The virtual view is one of our most common services and it has been in great demand as a result of the lockdown restrictions. This service allows you to get up to a minute-long video that showcases a walk through the entire home providing a view of the layout. Virtual view videos can be easily put up and shown on websites and different social media sites. They can also be easily shared on other channels. Since it isn’t a bespoke service, you can direct the operators on the specific areas that you’d wish the video to focus on or avoid. We can shoot in various modes including landscape or portrait and in perfect enough weather, we can take shots of the exterior and gardens.

Virtual View Plus Upgrades

If you are looking for something with a little more impact, our virtual view plus service offers the perfect solution. This service differs from our typical offering as it gives more room for extra editing as well as any particular details you may want to be highlighted. You also get much smoother camera pans giving your video a much more professional feel. The videos are captured in landscape mode to show a much wider view.

Use Matterport for Better Details

If you are a vendor or are looking for something much different, you might want to consider using the Matterport platform. The Matterport scanner makes use of advanced scanning technology allowing you to showcase an in-depth 3D layout of the home. The scan produced is much more interactive as it enables the buyers to view the property as if they are actually walking through the property without actually being there physically. It allows viewers to get a better idea of the scale of the property and its overall feel. This task is carried out by our most skilled staff all over the country. This video is extremely high quality and is bound to offer that different and special look that prospective buyers and vendors will approve of. Another great thing about this service is that it offers an excellent alternative to in-person viewings, especially right now when movement and gatherings are restricted. This offers a great way to capture international clients as they can be taken through an interactive online tour of the property at any time.

Drone Footage

If you are looking to give your videos that extra wow factor, then drone video footage is the way to go. This is particularly helpful if your property has an amazing view from above, for example, a beach property or a property on a massive farm. Drone footage not only helps to provide a better sense of scale, but it also provides a more intriguing perspective to viewers. Typically, it is quite difficult to discern the terrain or size of a building just by looking at the floor plan. Fortunately, drone video footage provides just that. We have a team of highly skilled and certified drone pilots who are prepared to create the best footage for you. In addition, we can easily obtain the necessary permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

Our team can also provide assistance with EPC services.