There have been over 300 mass shootings in the United States in the year 2022. It seems like that number couldn’t be any more catastrophic. But every year, the number of mass shootings rises in the United States due to increased gun purchases and civil unrest, making these incidents more frequent. While such events existed before the pandemic, such as the Columbine and Sandy Hook shootings, we have seen an upsurge in gun violencesince 2020.

Studies have shown that Covid-19 imposed sudden physiological and financial strain across the United States and amplified fear, isolation, and hardship in society. Because of such a high number of gun purchases, economic factors, and increased gun violence, it’s wise to consider security measures you can take if you are in an active shooter incident. Whether you are in public, a school, or your workplace, below are some effective prerequisites that can help minimize casualties if you are ever in this situation.

Armed Security Guards

An increase in active shooter incidents calls for more physical security measures within your school or workplace. Consider hiring armed security guards to regulate the people going in and out of the building. Security professionals can be a tremendous asset, as they are properly trained and know the signs to enforce the best protection. Their experience and training give them the knowledge on what to do when involved in an active shooter incident.

Sometimes, armed professionals can stop an attack before it even happens. Just their presence alone marks a warning to potential threats, putting a stop to anyone contemplating violence. Armed security guards can also direct and communicate a plan of action to staff if or when an active shooter is in the building. Armed security guards can help with the investigation as well as help the injured in any case of violence. Having the right person there to disarm and manage the situation could be the difference between life and death.

Learn to Recognize Potential Threats

While incorporating high-level security guards can significantly affect the environment, sometimes it’s not always enough. Knowing the signs of an active shooter and understanding how to recognize potential threats is powerful knowledge to have. Very rarely does a violent situation happen out of nowhere, and there are usually a few signs to cause for alert.

An FBI study of active shooter profiles confirmed four to five observable behaviors to look out for in an individual contemplating gun violence. Shockingly, only 30% of active shooters display immense amounts of aggression and violence before the attack. Most of, if not all active shooters in the study showed they had high amounts of mental stressors in their daily lives. The most common mental stressors in almost all active shooters are depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

Upon mental health stressors, the most prevalent way in which concerning behaviors were noticed was verbal communication by the active shooter (95%), followed by physical actions (86%), and written and online communication (30%). Knowing how to spot any of these observable behaviors can be your best bet in stopping a violent attack.

Train Your Staff

Training your staff in your school or workplace is another essential step you can take to prepare for a potential active shooter incident. Lockdowns that require you to sit and hide in one place can be dangerous, and ultimately, ineffective when it comes to survival. Now, there are multi-optional training courses that train staff to be alert, lock everything down, communicate what’s going on, and evacuate the premises. Even if it is unlikely that this kind of situation could happen, even knowing this information could keep everyone calm and level-headed in stressful times.

Host Practice Drills

Upon training staff members to work under the pressure of an active shooter, it’s beneficial to conduct practice drills. A real-life simulation of an active shooter in the building will give people a chance to understand the necessary measures it takes to survive. Having practice drills of what to do will make the process familiar and second nature in a life-threatening situation.

Install Lockdown Security Doors

When it comes to an active shooter, every factor matters. Another security measure to consider is installing lockdown security doors. Having an impenetrable strong arm door that can be deployed immediately can make all the difference. This is also a solution that does not involve risking the lives of others.


As stated previously, there have been over 300 active shooter incidents in 2022, putting this year on the fast track to becoming one of the deadliest yet. From hiring armed security guards to holding practice drills, every second counts when it comes to mass shootings, and it’s best to be prepared as best you can be.



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