All About Comfort and Performance Suspensions

All About Comfort and Performance Suspensions

The car’s suspension system will absorb the shocks and push the wheels to the ground when the wheels lift due to road bumps or speeding. The suspension system includes the tyres of the car, air pressure, shock absorbers, springs, and the linkages that connect the vehicle body to its wheels. You cannot speak of ride quality and road handling without all the car suspension parts. But some drivers tend to overlook the importance of the performance shock absorbers in their vehicles.

The Victorian-era horse carriage also has some type of suspension system to lower the impact of the rough ride it provides. Imagine the same ride in your car without a proper suspension system! Considering the speed of the car compared to a horse carriage, the modern suspension system helps guarantee a comfortable ride without a bone-breaking bumpy ride every time you sit behind the wheel. The overall ride will be extremely dangerous without a proper suspension system in your car. Imagine what would happen when you take a sharp turn in the vehicle. In fact, the inside wheels will definitely lift off the ground and easily result in a side roll.

Even though most of us are familiar with the words related to suspension systems, we don’t understand exactly what they mean. Luxury cars have a smoother and comfortable suspension system while sports cars have a suspension system that improves the performance of the vehicle. Some of the latest car models come with a feature to switch between suspension modes allowing the driver to choose between sports or comfort modes with a turn of a dial. What actually sets them apart?

Performance Suspensions

Without the nitty-gritty details of the mechanical components of the suspension system, a performance suspension system can make a big difference in the driving quality of the vehicle. It may be good or bad depending on what you need from the car. The sporty suspension system is usually stiffer and tighter. That is because the system has less play so that it is less able to absorb the impact of bumps on the road. The lack of play will allow the driver to handle the vehicle more aggressively which is important for sports cars to win the race. It also minimises the rolling over of the vehicle when cornering. Some of the most capable cornering cars include the Lotus Elise – which corners with expert-like precision. To get such performance benefits, the driver needs to sacrifice more comfortable ride quality.

Comfort Suspensions

Comfort suspension systems are more comfortable just like the name implies. The springs and dampers of the suspension system have more flexibility and let the car absorb as much of the road imperfections as possible. But the driver will feel the weight of the car when cornering with a comfort suspension system. The car is more likely to roll over if the cornering isn’t performed properly.

Choosing the Best Suspension System for Your Vehicle

Choosing the best suspension system for your car depends on what you really expect from the vehicle. If you want a sportier driving experience, you should opt for a harder suspension system while a luxury and comfortable ride should include a comfort suspension system. The latest car models come with both types of suspension systems. You can shift between the performance and comfort suspension systems at the turn of a knob in the latest car models. In fact, these vehicles offer the best of both worlds.

Although you may not understand the functioning of each mechanical component of the car’s suspension system, you have already experienced what the suspension system offers. If you have driven a car with an extremely hard or extremely soft suspension system, you know how important the car’s suspension system is.