Thinking of starting up your own business? While it is possible to obtain multiple small business insurance quotes, it is also important to make sure that they compare across the lines of coverage that are being offered. Standard business insurance policies have a number of coverage gaps when it comes to losses of this insurance

At the very least they recommend that companies looking for insurance have the following: Business crime, business auto, worker’s compensation, business liability, and business property. Business liability insurance protects business and its owner in case of claims made by third party for physical injury or damage to the property.

The most common type of insurance is Liability insurance. On top of the fact that a CGL covers the four most vital things to a small business owner (property damage, bodily insurance, advertising claims, and personal injury claims), it also accomplishes this in the most-economical manner possible.

There isn’t normally a significant difference in premiums between a business insurance policy and a commercial insurance policy for your car. Then you need to look at the offers of different insurance companies that will give you the coverage that you need.

If this is the case, have your insurance agent to add a home-office rider to your policy. This will then also cover your commercial assets (the items you transport) in the event of loss or damages following a crash. The business vehicle policy may not have a specific mention of vehicle use, so that is another thing that must be checked with your broker.