Five Top Property Videography Services

Five Top Property Videography Services

The world at large and the entire country completely changed due to Covid-19 starting in March 2020. This virus has caused many changes to be made, especially during the initial first months. Our company is continuing to provide high-quality property marketing services. However, we also continue to respect and uphold the guidelines from the government to make sure that our clients and staff are well-protected at all times. The property market is booming as an increasing number of people are realising that the best place to live is not necessarily a crowded city They also are coming to realise how important certain amenities are and why it is essential to live in an area where these amenities are available.

At Fourlabs, we offer outstanding videography services so we can provide walkthroughs of properties. They can either be quite extravagant by using the finest video and drone technology that is available or it can be very simple. Keep reading to find out more about our top five services so you can determine whether or not videography is something that you are interested in.

Use Virtual View to Feel Like You Are Really There

One of the common services that have been in very high demand because of Covid-19 restrictions is the virtual view. In-person interactions are limited. This service provides you with up to 60 seconds worth of video that offers a walkthrough of the whole house that displays the layout. This specific type of video is easy to show on different social media sites and websites and shared easily on other mediums as well. It is not a bespoke service. That means our staff can get directions from you on the specific areas you might want your focus on or avoid. We can shoot in various modes including landscape and portrait. When the weather allows it, we also do shots of your gardens and the exterior of your home.

Virtual View Plus Upgrades

You may want to consider using our virtual view plus service if you would like something extra. Compared to our standard offering, this specific service is a little different since it gives more time for any specific details you might want to have highlighted and for extra editing. The camera pans also are smoother, which can definitely provide your videos with a more professional look. Those videos are done in landscape mode which shows a wider view.

For Better Details Use Matterport

If you are a vendor or would like something different, you might want to use our Matterport platform. There is excellent scanning technology contained in the Matteport scanner that allows you to achieve a very in-depth 3D layout of your property. These scans are also very interactive. People can look at a property as though they were walking through it in person without having to actually be physically present. This provides a better sense of the property’s scale to viewers and how it really feels. Our skilled staff performs this service across the country. The footage is very high quality and definitely offers a really unique selling point that vendors and prospective buyers will certainly approve of. Another benefit that this service offers is that it is an outstanding alternative to in-person viewings. This is especially true since travel and gatherings are restricted right now. It is especially for international clients since they can take an interactive online tour of a property at any time.

Improve Your Videos by Using Drone Footage

If you would really like to give that extra wow factor to your videos, then you should definitely consider using drone footage. If your property looks amazing from above, like a property on a huge farm or one on the coast, those are prime candidates for drone footage. Using drone videography can really show scale and provide viewers with an interesting perspective. In many situations, it can be difficult to determine a building’s size or the terrain by just looking at the floor plan. This perspective can be given by drone footage. We have certified and highly experienced drone operators who are ready to get this footage created for you. We can easily obtain the right permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority or CAA as necessary to ensure we are in compliance with all current regulations.

We also can help you with EPC services.