It is safe to say that if you are recognised for your work hard work and efforts, it will make you happy. That is why employers need to recognise that their staff are working hard and, putting in their best effort.

If staff turnover is something your business struggles with, you must deal with it. Recognising the effort your staff puts in ensures they are happy and that they understand they are a value to your company.  There is more to eat than just getting a commercial fit-out team to help redesign your office and keep your employees happy.

Recognition Improves Work Culture and Reduces Staff Burnout

Your employees must have a strong connection to the culture of your business. It makes them want to work better for your business and, reduces them from burning out. If you recognise that they are putting in the work, it can reduce staff turnover significantly, making the workspace a happier environment to work in. They will feel far more connected because they are recognised as a valuable asset in the company.

Diversity Is Key

DE&I, which stands for diversity, equity and inclusion, is a great way to keep your best employees but, also attract people towards your company as well. Furthermore, if an employee knows that your company is committed to the DE&I, they will likely stay with that company.

Recognition WIll Improve Your Work Community By Celebrating Employee’s Life Events

You must bring people together inside your company. It will not only make them feel like a valuable asset to your company but also feel like a friend. If they feel welcomed then they will likely be happy with where they are and who they work for.

Something that many businesses struggle with is connecting with those who work from home. However, that is not something in your hands. Some people are very content with working from home and therefore, will be happy doing this. Nevertheless, you should still invite the staff who are working from home. They will feel included in the events and company, even if they don’t attend.

Public Recognition Helps The Employee Feel Psychologically Safe In Your Company

One final thing to mention is that thanking your employees for their efforts publicly is a great way to make them feel more grateful. This spirals into other benefits such as stronger connections with colleagues and the work culture.

It doesn’t just benefit the employee who you have praised either. It can also create a safe working environment, where other employees share their thoughts and feelings to ensure others are happy. This is the kind of thing that improves the work culture and reduces employee turnover.


There are many ways to ensure your staff are happy and remain at your company. An office fit-out that considers the well-being of your employees is an important factor. Nonetheless, recognition is arguably the most important with a company and is something you should start doing more to keep your staff happy.

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