How to Improve Student’s Learning Motivation

How to Improve Student’s Learning Motivation

Student learning motivation is very important for student achievement. In this context, it is the duty and obligation of the teacher to always be able to maintain and increase student learning motivation. The teacher is responsible for find ways to increase student enthusiasm for learning, how to foster a decreased learning enthusiasm and ways to increase self-motivation to learn as well as ways to foster motivation to learn in themselves to be explained to students. Here is a way to grow student motivation that teachers might apply.

1. Ways to Improve Learning Motivation Use a variety of methods in teaching and learning activities

Doing the same activity continuously will certainly cause excessive boredom, this can certainly reduce the enthusiasm of students’ learning. If students feel bored, it will certainly disrupt the learning process. Here, for those of you who need a pleasant learning atmosphere, you can attend Wells International School. They are the International School Bangkok that has quality teachers who provide a variety of learning so that students can stay motivated and concentrate on studying. Now and then you can try different learning methods such as creating role divisions, case studies, simulations, debates, brief transfer of knowledge, discussions, audio-visual presentations, and small group work

2. Ways to Improve Learning Motivation by making student active participants

An example of an effort to increase student motivation is by making students active participants. At the age of students who are still young, their lives are complete only by doing activities, writing, learning, adventure, creating something new, solving a problem, and designing. When in school, never make students as passive participants in class. Why? Because it can reduce interest and reduce curiosity. Use active learning methods by giving students the task of simulating problem-solving to foster motivation in learning. Do not give answers if the task is deemed capable of being carried out by students.

3. Ways to Improve Learning Motivation by creating a conducive classroom atmosphere

Another way to improve learning is to create a conducive classroom atmosphere. Safe and non-dictating classes will generally make students feel happy and supported to try the activity in class. This will affect the interest in learning and foster the motivation to learn indirectly. If students learn in a conducive atmosphere, students will tend to be motivated to continue following the learning process.

4. Ways to Improve Learning Motivation by Give proportional tasks

All assignments in class and homework cannot always be equated with grades. Don’t just be oriented toward values ​​and force students to be the master of the material. Why? This act will only reduce the enthusiasm of students who are less able to meet the standards. This can make the student believe that they just a failure. Try to use the value to rate your student. Don’t forget to get closer to students by paying attention to their strengths and weaknesses, and what they can improve. It is recommended to provide clear comments so that students can immediately improve their work when they need it.

5. Ways to Improve Learning Motivation by give students instructions for success in learning

Never let students struggle alone in learning. As their parents at school, tell them what they need to do. Most importantly, always make them believe that they can succeed. Don’t forget to let them know how to achieve it.