Making improvements to your home can increase its value and mean that the home value increases more than the money you spend doing the home improvements in the first place, but you need to be strategic about what you decide to change.

Knock Down A Wall For Open Plan Living

Knocking down a wall separating your front and backroom can make your home appear bigger and provide more space for future renovations. It is extremely important to get a professional to do this for you instead of breaking out a chainsaw yourself. Because if you do this yourself you could cause structural damage to your home. Getting this done for you will set you back around £3000 but can add as much as £48,000 onto your property value, before you decide on this option you should get the opinion of several different estate agents from different companies to see how much they think making this change will add to your individual property.

Build A Downstairs Toilet

If you currently have a disused cloakroom or another small room on the ground floor of your property you could transform this space into another toilet for your property. This can make your property more appealing to big families or older people with mobility issues. It will set you back around £1500 to make this change happen but you could add around £3000 on top of your property value.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are described by many as the heart of your house, by making improvements to your kitchen you can add significant value to your home. Your changes can be as simple as repainting your kitchen cupboards, or you could decide to change the kitchen surfaces or even add a kitchen island into your kitchen if your kitchen is big enough. On average people spend around £4000 on improvements to their kitchen but can add up to £15,000 on top of their property value.

Improve Your Backgarden

Gardens can routinely be overlooked when it comes to property renovations, but the garden area is one of the most important things that buyers look for. If your garden is currently overgrown it will be a good idea to break out the lawnmower to hedge clippers to make your garden look more aesthetically pleasing to new buyers. The amount you will be looking to spend largely depends on the condition and size of your garden but you could add a significant amount onto your property.


Decorating your home can set you back around £1000 but it can add around £5000 onto your property value; decorating your home can add even more value if your home currently has decor that many people would consider as ugly as ugly decor can reduce the value of your property.

Create A Parking Space

If there is not much parking space outside your property you could consider making your own if you have enough space around your property, it will cost you around £2000 to achieve this but you could add around £13,000 onto your total property value.


Making home improvements to your property has many benefits from ensuring that you are more comfortable in your home and the fact that such improvements increase the value of your property when the time comes to sell your property.

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