A CV is a detailed document that highlights your professional and academic history. Creating a simple and modern CV to stand out from other candidates is not easy. Follow our guide for inspiration.

What is a CV ?

A CV, or curriculum vitae, is the main document of an application. From a single blank page, it usually contains the experiences, skills, qualities and studies of a candidate. To grab a recruiter’s attention, the layout of the document must be airy and pleasant to read. It is recommended to use a simple font (size 10 to 12 pts). You can also brighten up and enhance the layout of your resume by adding a little splash of color. However, you should avoid overdoing it.

How to make a CV?

Wondering what to put on a perfect resume? Start by putting your contact details (telephone number, email, address) and a photo. Afterwards, you should list your work experiences and your achievements or degrees in reverse-chronological order. This will let the recruiter know that you’re a strong fit for the job.

Afterwards, it is important to clearly describe your language and computer skills to increase your chances of going to the job interview. Use a good professional resume template and organize your resume using the right format. But how using a CV template will certainly make your job easier? There are many websites on the web where you can easily download a CV template. There are a vast number of choices, you will certainly find a CV template that fits perfectly with the position targeted, as well as your skills and level of experience.

You should also know that a CV whose appearance is failed will simply not be read. So, you have to be very careful. It is also necessary to opt for a simple and pleasing presentation. This means that the reading must be easy and logical for the recruiter. Do not hesitate to use keywords adapted to the job. And last but not the least, if possible, fit everything on one page.

Other rules to follow to make a simple and quality CV

You only have a few seconds to interest the employer with a catchphrase summarizing your profile or objective. Also, it is essential to read your CV several times and pay particular attention to the quality of the writing. That means you should check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Finally, save information for the cover letter and the interview.

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