Know the Types of Roofing Before Building a House

Know the Types of Roofing Before Building a House

The roof of the house serves to protect the building from heat, rain, and wind. Not only that, but the roof of the house can also enhance the appearance of the house. That way, the roof of the house must be sturdy to be durable and be able to protect the house primed. You should also search the best roofer service like roofer chesterfield when installing or repairing your roof house so the roof will be installed with a good result.

Here are some types of roofs that you can consider before building a house or changing your roof.

Clay Roof Tile

Tile from clay is the most used tile by the community. The advantages of this clay tile are that the price is relatively affordable, easy to find, has several models, strong, durable, safe against insect attacks, and easy to install.

Concrete Roof Tile

This type is widely applied to minimalist home models. With a modern and eclectic style, this concrete tile is very sturdy because it is made of cast concrete and steel reinforcement.

The advantages of this concrete roof tile are durable, minimal maintenance, and resistant to fire. But this concrete tile also has disadvantages, namely durability that is less prime to the wind and heavyweight so that it affects the installation time.

Ceramic Tile Roof

This type of ceramic roof offers aesthetic glaze finishing and will give the impression of luxury to your home. Not only that, but ceramic tile also has other advantages, which are durable, resistant to fire, minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly, and uses an interlock system such as tile for installation.

Ceramic tile also has the disadvantages of being very easily broken, less resistant to wind, cannot be mounted on the roof of the house with a slope of 30 ° so that the water does not leak and flow perfectly, and installation that requires a bolt to prevent it from being easily released.

Glass Roof Tile

This tile made of glass has a function as house ventilation, where sunlight can enter the house. Installation of glass tile roofs can also be a way to maintain and prevent walls from moisture and mildew.

As for the weaknesses of glass tile, that is, tile can only be applied to certain parts of the house because if it is used too much then the temperature of the house will be quite hot during the daytime the sun shines. And glass tiles break easily.

Metal Tile Roof

Metal roof tile made of stainless steel or mild steel. Shaped like a sheet of zinc. The advantages of using metal roofing tiles are that they are light in weight so that they do not require a large amount of frame, have the effect of reflecting the soil so that the house will not feel excessive heat, anti-break, resistant to fire, anti-mildew, and anti-rust.

The disadvantage of metal tile is the price is expensive. Besides installation requires accuracy so that the roof looks beautiful.

Asphalt Tile Roof

The type of asphalt tile roof is made by combining fiberglass and mineral coated asphalt. This roof has two models, namely flat and wavy.

The advantages of this type of asphalt tile roof are practical in installation, light-weighted, fireproof, wind-resistant, anti-mold, and can be worn on the roof of the house tilted up to 90 °. But this asphalt tile also has weaknesses, namely, the price is expensive and not environmentally friendly.