Motorbike Features That Support Safety Riding

Motorbike Features That Support Safety Riding

The development of the era and technology in the world influenced the development of the automotive world. Now motorbike vehicles have a variety of safety features that are used annually so riding can become safer.

Besides being safer, of course, this technology will be more comfortable to use so that it attracts our attention as motorbike riders. If you want to find a motorbike with complete safety features, you can buy one at Honda Wheels. Wheels is a Honda motorcycles UK dealer that offers a variety of brands of Honda motorbike at affordable prices. Here are some motorbike features that support driving safety.

ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems)

This braking technology is very popular to be applied to motorbikes in the past few years. ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) is a braking system used by vehicles (motorbikes, cars, and so on). This one system ensures braking goes well without locking the wheels which can cause slippage.

ABS braking is widely applied in most motorbikes nowadays. By using this ABS it is safer rather than conventional braking systems.

It is believed that using the ABS braking system will reduce the accident caused by the braking problem based on the data (18{89cd5d5ad6d446e2a4ae09d0a3b6d3f5b89198b8de266d53f9f760a9d068fd65} on asphalt road and 35{89cd5d5ad6d446e2a4ae09d0a3b6d3f5b89198b8de266d53f9f760a9d068fd65} on non-asphalt road). So, this feature supports safety riding.

Traction Control Systems

This system has the same goal as ABS, which is to avoid slipper that occurs on motorbike tires. By using Traction Control Systems, the motorbike can avoid slippage and prevent the wheels from spinning faster than they should.

Slipper Clutch

This technology is often present in some motorbikes with large cc. This technology has functions to avoid clutch slippage when you shift the gears.

Safety features can provide maximum engine brake in a motorbike to help the process of braking. Using engine brakes to help braking is certainly necessary to maximize braking when we are on the highway, such as on the mountain road and other extreme road areas.

However, this engine brake also sometimes becomes the backslap. Sometimes, the clutch is slip, then, it can make it considered dangerous. For this reason, there are motorbike safety features is exist. This Slipper Clutch can reduce the risk of slippage so that the engine brake will be maximized.