The dangers of trucking accidents and how to effectively avoid them

The dangers of trucking accidents and how to effectively avoid them

The power and size of commercial trucks make them potentially risky and dangerous to motorists and commuters on the road. When these behemoths on wheels collide with a smaller vehicle, it can end up in devastating results such as death and extensive property damage.

A personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA would always strongly advise for motorists to take every precaution when driving a vehicle since accidents involving trucks can happen anytime and anywhere.

The alarming statistics

Almost 70{89cd5d5ad6d446e2a4ae09d0a3b6d3f5b89198b8de266d53f9f760a9d068fd65} of all US resources worth of goods with an estimated $671 billion annually are transported by trucks throughout the nation. There are approximately 15.5 million trucks operating in the US, according to reports circulated by the US trucking industry to personal injury lawyers Virginia Beach and the public.

With a large number of these giants traveling vast distances throughout the country, it is not surprising to find one traversing on the same roads as smaller vehicles and makes it potential hazards on the road.

Since 2013, there have been a total of 338,000 crashes involving large trucks in the US, of which 3,906 were fatal crashes that lead to deaths, 73,000 caused injuries, and 265,000 caused light to extensive property damage.

How to prevent truck incidents

It is worth mentioning that commercial trucks have more risk factors compared to smaller vehicles, and drivers must always be on alert to ensure their safety when traveling close to big trucks.

Make sure to avoid blind spots all the time

Big trucks have more blind spots compared to smaller or light vehicles which make it difficult for drivers of these road giants to see what goes on around them so make sure to avoid the following blind spots;

  • Steer clear from the lane on the driver’s side, extending to half of the length of a semi’s trailer. Avoid staying close and maintain a certain speed that would allow you to maneuver easily to stay out of harm’s way.
  • Maintain a distance of no less than 20 feet in front of a big truck or 30 feet behind; this would allow drivers to have time to react to any possible scenario that could cause an accident.
  • On the freeway, make sure to stay two lanes apart from the right side of a truck.
  • If you are behind a truck and cannot see the side mirror of the truck’s driver, it follows that the truck driver could not see you from behind. Make sure to move to a position that would allow the driver in front of you to see from behind.

Pass with caution

When passing a commercial truck, always use proper signals such as turning, stopping, or overtaking. Avoid passing a truck uphill or downhill. Always approach a truck on the left side for the driver to see you passing.

  • Avoid merging back into traffic when overtaking until you can see the truck’s driver clearly from your rearview mirror.
  • Make sure to always maintain your standard headlight beams when approaching or traveling behind a truck. High beams can be blinding and dangerous for drivers who could not see the road clearly.
  • Always make sure to exercise due caution and observe proper road etiquette to avoid road accidents, especially with big trucks. 

It is always important to consider getting acquainted with personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA if you are a frequent driver to ensure that you get immediate assistance and stay worry-free in the event of a truck accident.