This is a Diet Diet that Lose Weight Within a Week

This is a Diet Diet that Lose Weight Within a Week

Losing weight is not easy. Sometimes, you feel like you have been on a strict diet and also exercise your hardest. However, it has been one month to do everything they can, the bodyweight remains or even increases. You must be anxious about the scales that still show large numbers. Maybe, the reason is that you choose a diet that doesn’t suit your body.

First of all, you have to get to know how your body works. What is lacking so that your body weight has not gone down. Also check whether the actual weight has decreased but there has been no change in your body. While changing tactics and exchanging them for a new diet.

1. On the first to the third day, try to eat foods that are low in carbohydrates. Expand to eat vegetables and fruit, and tubers. Red beans can also be a substitute for rice. Hold your eyes hungry if you are determined to slim down.

2. Finally arrived the fourth day. From today to the next few days, you have to really adjust your diet. switch low-carb foods to normal carbs. At breakfast, you can choose boiled eggs or omelets mixed with wheat. You can also replace it with boiled tempeh or tofu. If you want to eat only fruit, it’s better to eat 1 apple or orange.

3. During the day, replace your rice with brown rice or, 9 spoons of plain white rice. The side dish, choose chicken or beef or fish without fat. And, don’t forget to half a bowl of vegetables.

4. Snacking is not prohibited. In the afternoon, you may eat something. But not cake or candy. Also don’t drink coffee with creme. Better to choose 1 piece of grilled meat or grilled fish. Of course, without fat. Don’t use rice. If you don’t like it and it’s difficult to get it, you can also eat 1-3 pieces of tempeh or tofu.

5. At night, you can eat like a lunch menu. Chicken breast, or lean fish. You can also drink milk high in protein but low in fat and sugar at night. By building a diet like this for one week, you will lose weight.

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