Tips for Choosing the Best and Most Efficient Electricity AC Brand

Tips for Choosing the Best and Most Efficient Electricity AC Brand

Increasingly extreme hot weather makes air conditioning use every-day. Unfortunately, if not properly selected, air conditioners that work almost 24 hours not only make the electricity bill swollen, but also prone to damage that ends up costing you extra.

To find out how to choose a good air conditioner and the best brand of air conditioners that save electricity and according to your needs, this article will discuss some of the causes of damage to air conditioners and, how to keep the air conditioner durable.

Problem-Free Air Conditioner and Always at The Best Condition

During working from home for some time, you may feel that air conditioning usage that is longer than the days usually makes the cost of electricity increase. You also need to spend money to perform periodic service to keep air conditioning performance optimal. So that the costs incurred for air conditioning service do not swell, recognize the problems that often arise in the following air conditioners. 

1. Leaking air conditioner

The inside or outside of the air conditioner often has leakage problems. The causes are various, for example, leaking freons, condensation in the air conditioning section, or problems with the exhaust hose. If you find water from the air conditioner dripping to the floor, it is recommended to perform a service immediately to check the inside of the air conditioner so that the leaking air conditioner problem does not damage other parts of your air conditioner. 

2. Ac is not cold

Suddenly the air conditioner feels hot or emits heat? There may be damaged compressor parts, depleted freons, or leaks in pipes.

3. Noisy air conditioner

Loud and continuous roaring sound on the air conditioner can be an indicator of the presence of components in the air conditioner that are damaged or loose. It can also be caused because the evaporator or condenser is dirty.

4. Air conditioner smells bad

Air conditioning works by airflow. Therefore, each air conditioner is equipped with a filter that serves to filter the air. Usually, a bad smell is caused by the buildup of bacteria in the air conditioning filter. How to deal with it, just wash the air conditioner periodically.

5. AC off

If your air conditioner won’t turn on when all the electricity is in its normal state, this is a sign that the AC component is damaged. When the age of ac is old enough, there is no harm in replacing it with a new one because usually, the cost of repairing it is only a thin difference from the price of the new AC.

Tips to Take Care of Air Conditioning to Always Be In, The Best Condition

Here are tips to take care of air conditioning to always be in the best condition and durable.

a) Make sure the air-conditioned bedroom is tightly closed

This is to help the air conditioning work so as not to be too heavy. When the air conditioner works heavily, the air circulation in the room is not good. Also, by ensuring the room is tightly closed, the room with the air conditioner on will feel cooler and cooler.

b) Turn off the air conditioner when you leave the room

Before you leave or leave the room for a long time, make sure you have turned off the air conditioning. Besides being able to save electricity, you rest the air conditioner when not in use and this can extend the life of your air conditioner.

c) Regular air conditioning service

Once a month or at least once every 3 months, you need to wash the air conditioner or perform service. The clean air conditioner from the dust pile on the filter will make the performance will optimal. Conversely, if there is a build-up of dust on the air conditioner, and the cost of electricity will increase too.

d) Pause 5 minutes

Never not when you want to turn on the AC, you press the power button but accidentally squeezed back the power button so that the AC turns off again? If this happens, we recommend giving it a 5-minute pause when you want to turn it back on because there is a process on the AC component from on to off. To complete the circulation process takes 5 minutes. If you directly press the power button to return to the on position, the air conditioner will work harder so, it breaks down quickly. 

e) Cool mode settings

Turn on the air conditioner with a “cool” setting mode that serves to keep the room temperature cool. So, even if you set the temperature above 20 degrees Celsius, the air conditioner is still cold so that your air conditioning machine can work more casually. 

Best Ac Brand

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