Top Engagement Tips For Your Online Storefront

Top Engagement Tips For Your Online Storefront

Converting your e-commerce site visitors to customers requires more than just having an attractive and dynamic website. To realise this goal, you need to take the extra step and engage them in a meaningful way. According to a web dev agency in Hampshire, boosting user engagement on your website not only helps to increase immediate sales, but it also helps to build brand loyalty. Below are some expert tips on how to increase user engagement on your e-commerce website.

Getting people to visit your website and increasing site traffic is just one step in the sales process. Having a high number of new site visitors means very little if you aren’t generating any sales. Don’t just strive to have a beautiful and dynamic site, you need to take those extra steps to engage your audience and convert them into customers. This will go a long way in maximizing immediate sales and boosting customer loyalty. Here are our top tips for increasing user engagement on your e-commerce website.


Cross-selling is a complicated marketing strategy and has the potential to produce mixed results. If not done correctly, it can end up putting off your customers and even pushing them away. However, if executed correctly, it can encourage your customers to try out more products. There are various ways you can go about promoting your other products including follow up emails and adding links on the product page.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? While customers have caught on to many promotion tactics used by businesses, using promotions is still an efficient way of increasing engagement. No one can say no to coupons, promo codes, and free shipping offers. They are particularly harder to resist when they are only available for a limited period of time.

Leverage Social Media

If you aren’t already utilising social media to advertise your promotions you are doing yourself and your business great injustice. Everyone is on social media and people are always sharing great deals they’ve discovered. There is no easier and better way to market your brand to a large audience. Consider regularly providing engaging content that discreetly promotes your products.


Social media offers a great avenue for promoting brand awareness as well as generating fresh content for your online storefront. You can consider embedding your social media feeds on your storefront. However, if this seems too much of a task for you, there are still other ways you can use social media to promote your brand and products to prospects even if they aren’t actively shopping. Newsletters and non-sales blogs are some great options.


Rather than bombarding your customers with messages, you need to engage with them meaningfully by establishing open, two-way communication.


Encourage your customers to provide feedback on your products. By creating an area where customers provide feedback, your product pages will have additional content that other customers can engage with – without you having to struggle. What’s more, this will help demonstrate transparency and build brand loyalty.

Email Follow Up

Sending follow up emails after a product purchase can greatly help to increase engagement. This can be anything from asking the customer to provide a review, attend to an abandoned cart, or make an additional purchase. However, you need to be smart about this to avoid the customer from feeling overwhelmed and bombarded.

Guest Checkouts

Sometimes, giving your customer some space is crucial in promoting effective communication. Provide guest checkouts with an option to sign up at a later time. This will help to prevent alienating busy customers. By giving them some space, you will benefit from them coming back when they are finally comfortable.

Customer Support

Every once in a while, customers will require some assistance on one thing or the other. Due to this, more stores are opting to add a pop-up chat function. This serves as an online shop floor assistance. Again, be careful not to seem too intrusive.