Just as the word ‘ethics’ has a different definition from the word ‘etiquette,’ there is a vast difference between business ethics and business etiquette. However, a primary goal of transparency in performance management is to achieve visibility, alignment, and accountability across the organization’s goals and objectives. However, it may be said that any individual who does not practice business ethics cannot be personally ethical even though the reverse may not also be true.

At the same time, the business has a certain social responsibility. Violations of ethics important in business, can lead to expelling the person from the organization and black listing him. Today is a very opportune time to take advantage of the current business environment to present ethical behavior as a requirement, not an ethics

Some management guru stressed that ethical companies have an advantage over their competitors. And when it comes to business ethics, the same thing applies, because some businesses have great ethics while others have poor. Ethical businesses are well-run, well-managed, have effective internal controls, and clear expectations of ethics

In many cases it takes raw courage to be honest, but out of the troubles that businesses go through, it’s reputation grows, and businesses with good reputations are successful businesses. Companies with strong track records of ethical, responsible behavior have the most to gain from a well thought out system to assure the cultivating of ethical corporate culture.

The philosophy today is as outdated today as media plays an increasing role in public life and people have zero tolerance toward unscrupulousness. However, it did cost him his job, and there wasn’t much etiquette – or ethics – involved in that, mostly on the part of the company that he ethics