Tricks to Clean Wooden Deck Floors

Tricks to Clean Wooden Deck Floors

Using a neatly arranged rectangular wooden floor does make the atmosphere of the front or back porch of the house more comfortable. You are in a tropical resort and the floor surfaces become warm.

Wooden floors have many benefits. Besides presenting a comfortable tropical feel, sitting directly on the floor without using a mat is also still comfortable and not cold. However, to keep the wooden floor durable, do this trick. You can also use C&S Landscape service to clean and take care of your wooden deck floors.

Step 1

Clean the floor surface from leaves or dust by wiping it clean. Use sandals to prevent the soles of your feet from getting dirty. Then, prepare the floor cleaning agent. Generally, wood floors require more complex maintenance, for example, you have to use special materials for wood cleaning. Indeed, it can be replaced with fragrant carbolic acid, but pay attention to how to use it. For the record, wood floor cleaners can also be made from natural ingredients.

Step 2

Move the plants close to the terrace to be cleaned. Some plants — especially potted flowers — will die quickly if exposed to cleaning fluids.

Step 3

Before spraying the floor with water, pay attention to each wooden arrangement. Repair if any wooden slats have peeled off or fallen out of position. Usually, this happens because of heat or the presence of heavy objects on it. Wood chips that peel or fall off have the potential to injure your feet. If there is mold on the floor, scrape off the mold with a dull knife and then use a vacuum to clean the rest.

Step 4

Flush with water and then brush the surface of the floor with a thick but soft brush. Use gloves to avoid exposure to cleaning fluids on the skin of your hands. Once clean enough, rinse again with water.

Step 5

Dry the floor with a dry mop and then let it dry maximally when exposed to the sun and the air around it. Once dry, apply a wooden floor protector to keep it from being quickly damaged by sunburn. Wood floors that are not equipped with protective products will quickly become dull and dirty.

Step 6

Make sure that no damp items are placed on the wooden floor. So as much as possible avoid leaving a wet mop lying on the floor, or make sure the mat on the terrace is not wet or damp due to water.