What is the List of “Must-Haves” for Modern Kitchen Designs

What is the List of “Must-Haves” for Modern Kitchen Designs

As part of any kitchen remodel, extension, or refit, you will have a list or concept of all the essentials and accessories that you need. Certain functional needs will make your kitchen effective, such as plumbing, ovens, freezers, and fridges. The well-designed modern kitchen will require a foundation that contains more than just the essentials. The best modern kitchen design relies on efficiency, clarity, and cohesion. Beyond the essentials, here, Zen Stone will help you discover a few “must-haves” for your new kitchen.


In the era that we live in today, efficiency involves more elements than just how well appliances fulfil their tasks. Environmental and economic efficiency are equally important must-haves when it comes to the latest kitchens. If you plan to refit your kitchen with brand new appliances, you should be shopping for machines that feature the highest energy ratings. Other elements in the kitchen will also become important. This includes the materials that you choose. Durable and natural worktop materials such as marble and granite come in slabs, which means they translate into a lower manufacturing impact. These worktops are made to last for many years, meaning that these material types are focused on minimising waste.


There are many types of design concepts when it comes to modern kitchen designs. From minimalist to retro, coastal to country, cohesion is the goal towards aesthetic success. Choose a concept that appeals to you and plan carefully how each element works together when it comes to the completed room. Keep in mind that you might be open to updating the kitchen aesthetic in years to come. When you decide on a neutral-quartz worktop, the main elements of the kitchen remain the same while other features like cabinet fronts will be easy to update.


Improved and enhanced scopes of function will usually be central to the modern and enduring kitchen designs. The latest kitchens are multi-disciplined places. It should be a room for entertaining, cooking, living, relaxing, working, and socialising. For these reasons, living furniture has become one of the must-haves for modern kitchens. From seated dining areas to relaxed softer areas to a casual breakfast-bar with stools, your worktops and tables should be able to shift easily in function.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands or breakfast bars have been in use for many years, but have become one of the main elements as the design of kitchens has evolved. When you have enough space, this is one of those must-have features that are multifunctional and extra-wide. Think about including a preparation sink, hob, waterfall layers, or a wine fridge to make the most out of these areas. If you have chosen granite or marble, the kitchen island or breakfast bar will last for many years, and always look great.

Worktops Made to Last

Durability is also very important in modern kitchens. Design features that make modern kitchens are highly durable when it comes to both strength and style. This comes from consumer decisions that have become more environmentally conscious and prudent. When you choose a granite worktop, which will last forever, the impacts on your kitchen remodel or refit will be minimal. Neutral classic marbles or sparkling quartz can work with many different design concepts. If you care for these surfaces, they will still look great even ten years from now.

Larder Pull Out Cupboards

When it comes to a modern kitchen design, you should be eliminating those forgotten tins hiding in the back of a food cupboard. The pull-out, full-height pantry cupboards will provide access to either side of your shelves, which optimises kitchen storage. Positioned on one side of the worktop or as a floor-to-ceiling unit, the pull-out larders are a feature that exudes functional modern kitchens.

Freestanding and Mix Fitted

Today, more and more customers are now choosing mixtures of freestanding cabinets, preparation areas, and fitted units. The mixture of styles offers a personal and unique aesthetic to your kitchen design. Look at combining a granite worktop on top of a fitted unit that is set against a free-standing range oven or dresser. These styles, when done correctly are often fresh and striking.