If in any respect doable, it’s best to not undertake tree works throughout the spring months since that is when the ‘sap is rising’ which lets the leaves flush (come out) and for photosynthesis to occur. As well as, within the autumn months, the tree is drawing up vitamins from the leaves therefore inflicting them to show brown, making this additionally a poor time alternative for tree works to happen.

Commercial tree surgeons know that when tree works happen in springtime, the tree can turn out to be extra weak to assault, both from illness or from pests. If autumn is the time when tree works happen, the tree will fail to attract up the entire vitamins that are required for the next spring, this could create pointless stress which will increase the chance of illness.

Excluding these two durations, timber could be pruned at nearly any time, though there are a number of extra exceptions:

Plumtrees cherry timber and different associated timber (Prunus species) are greatest to be pruned quickly after they’ve completed flowering as this can lower down on the chance of bacterial an infection.

Walnut, Birch, Beech, and Maple are greatest pruned in leaf, though simply after leaf fall is an efficient choice too, Magnolia needs to be pruned in excessive summer time as this avoids ‘bleeding’ (exuding sap) whereas this isn’t considered damaging to the tree it’s definitely not aesthetically interesting.

It’s best to keep away from pruning when there could also be a threat to restoration, as an illustration when the timber have already had earlier timber work or have been broken on account of development points or when the climate is exceptionally excessive, as an illustration in periods of heavy frost.

While the choice to chop down a tree can generally be the one choice, particularly when security is concerned, it’s nonetheless a choice that ought to by no means be taken calmly. Legal guidelines associated to safety and preservation can definitely be advanced to grasp and comply with. Our information will help you in figuring out greatest practices and in addition offers alternate options to consider earlier than you decide to chop down a tree.

Issues to Bear in mind:

If slicing down a tree will have an effect on breeding birds then it’s unlawful to fell the tree.

If you have any doubts about the legalities of felling a tree you should take advice from the local council or contact the appropriate government department:

  • Forestry Fee (England);
  • Scottish Forestry;
  • Pure Sources Wales;
  • Northern Eire Forest Service.

Felling a Tree that’s in Your Graden

You don’t want permission to fell a tree that’s situated inside your backyard except it’s:

  • topic to a Tree Preservation Order;
  • located inside a Conservation Space.

If your private home is rented you will want to contact the owner to ask for permission.

If the felling of the tree causes injury or harm to a neighbour or their property that is your legal responsibility, as an illustration, if the tree falls on their shed unexpectedly.

If the trunk of the tree is in your backyard, neighbours are inside their rights to chop overhanging branches, nonetheless, these are nonetheless your property.

Licences Associated to Felling

If a tree needs to be felled and it is not located in a private garden you may need a licence. It’s usually thought of an offence to fell a tree (or timber) the place they might quantity to 5 cubic metres of timber.

Earlier than you might be issued a licence the federal government division will talk about the matter with you. Normally, that is associated to replanting the realm. Licences associated to thinning woodland do not need a restocking situation.

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