Hi my keto friends!

I am probably the quietest and most introverted person who has been pushed into the public eye. So I want to apologize for not doing more videos of my keto life and how my whole family eats keto. Many of you tell me they are helpful so I am trying to do more.

There are a lot of videos and I have weekly meeting with my clients at Keto-Adapted.com but when it comes to making a video of my pantry or my fridge, sometimes I think, “Who cares what I am cooking or what my pantry looks like?” But when I was at dinner with some of my keto coaches, they said, “I would watch any video you put out! I want to know how you do it all!”

So here I am. Finally giving you a guide to how I stock my pantry with healthy keto foods.

I have worked VERY hard to get COUPON CODES for all of you! So you can save on my favorite ketogenic food!


All of my books have ketogenic food lists but I wanted to have the keto food list here so everyone can have success!

Many people think that I am cooking all the time but that is far from the truth. I work smarter, not harder! Hopefully my Ketogenic Food List will help you along your health journey!


I often save time by having ketogenic foods mailed to me! I having more time to enjoy life!

Things that I always have in my fridge are:

  1. Eggs!
    1. I also have hard boiled eggs in the fridge to add to a salad, make my protein pudding or make deviled eggs!
      1. I usually get them from my neighbor otherwise I will get Vital Farm eggs. Do not be fooled by marketing and buy Organic Vegetarian Fed Eggs! Chickens are tiny Velociraptors and eat meat!
  2. Egg Whites
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: PSMF Bread, PSMF pizza crust, PSMF Pancakes, Protein Sparing French Toast Porridge, PSMF dairy free sour cream
  3. Butcherbox Burger Patties
    1. My boys LOVE these and I love them because they are so easy to make!
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  4. Butcherbox sugar free Bacon
    1. It is hard to find sugar free bacon and when you do find it, it is very expensive! This is why I order butcherbox!
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  5. Butcherbox Filet Mignon
    1. I eat a Butcherbox Filet after my morning run every single day! No lie!
      1. Click HERE to find! 
    1. Some easy keto meals that I always make extra for easy meals are: taco meat (make nachos with Carnivore Crisps or a burrito with egglife wraps!)
      1. Click HERE to find my taco meat recipe!
    2. My Protein Sparing Bread
      1. Click HERE to find my recipe!
    3. My Slow Cooker Sloppy Joe’s
      1. Click HERE to find my recipe! 
    4. Homemade Ranch Dressing
      1. Click HERE to find my recipe!
    5. Mama Maria’s Meatballs
      1. Click HERE to find my recipe! 
  7. egglife wraps
    1. I love that my boys can make a simple sandwich wrap with them. We often use them to make tacos with my taco meat. Makes a great breakfast burrito on the go!
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  8. Kite Hill dairy free cream cheese
    1. My specialty is working with autoimmune diseases. In this case, I cut dairy for clients. Kite Hill cream cheese spread is a dairy free cream cheese that can be found at most Target Stores and Whole Foods.
  9. Dill Pickles
    1. I love to add dill pickles to my homemade tartar sauce, and my tuna noodle salad using my protein sparing noodles!
  10. Iceberg lettuce
    1. I only use Iceberg lettuce since it is mainly water and doesn’t have oxalates like spinach.
  11. Butter-flavored coconut oil (a great dairy free butter alternative)
    1. Click HERE to find! 
  12. Sugar Free condiments: mustard, sugar free ketchup, sugar free BBQ sauce
    1. Click HERE to find our favorite condiments!
  13. Fried Onions
    1. I love fried onions on a burger, but I do not want to spend time chopping and cooking onions everyday! So when I make fried onions, I do a huge batch so all I have to do is heat some up!
  14. Cooked sugar free bacon
    1. This saves me time! When I am making the boys the Butcherbox Burger patties, which only takes 5 minutes to cook, I can place a piece of cooked bacon onto the grill to warm up while the burgers cook!
  15. Unsweetened coconut milk (in the box which is low in calories) or you can use unsweetened cashew or almond milk
    1. Works great to make a low calorie treat such as my Protein Sparing Wendy’s Frosty, Protein Sparing Pudding, Protein Sparing French Toast Porridge!
    1. There are a few supplements that we all take, even my boys have taken them for years. I keep them in the fridge so we remember to take them. We each have a different colored little dish and every morning, I fill them with the supplements.
      1. Click HERE to find my favorite supplements.
      2. Not sure what supplements are right for you? I do personalized supplement plans, click HERE to learn more! 

16. Dairy Products: If you goal is not weight loss, and you do not have an autoimmune disease, dairy is ketogenic food.



Things that are always in my freezer:

  1. Pederson’s Farms: sugar free chorizo, sugar free Italian Sausage, sugar free bacon, sugar free HAM!
    1. It is hard to find chorizo, Italian sausage and Ham without sugar! This is why I always order from the nicest family farm; Pederson’s Farm!
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  2. Sizzlefish Seafood
    1. I LOVE Sizzlefish’s Halibut and Crab legs! They also have salmon, shrimp, cod, catfish, snapper… you name it! I love how it is in individual portions so it only takes minutes to thaw!
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  3. Butcherbox: grass fed ground beef, salmon, chicken breasts, chicken wings, sugar free bacon, scallops
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  4. U.S. Wellness Meats
    1. My son LOVES their bologna and I love it because it is so easy and super healthy! Craig loves their bone in ribeye!
      1. Click HERE to find!


In my pantry, I always have a handful of items that I use all the time!

  1. Keto Chow Egg White Protein
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: my protein sparing bread recipe, my Dutch Baby pancakes, my protein sparing angel food cake, my protein sparing Hawaiian Rolls, my protein sparing orange Julius, protein sparing tortilla chips, protein sparing tortillas, protein sparing pizza crust, protein sparing donuts and more!
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    1. The Good Chocolate is a sugar free chocolate bar that doesn’t have inulin fiber, or other things that will increase blood sugar like the ChocZero products do!
      1. It is great on it’s own, but I also use it to make the glaze for my Protein Sparing Cream Filled Donuts or Chocolate Covered Strawberries for my boys!
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  1. Primal Kitchen Sauces
    1. I once would make my own mayo and salad dressings and I still do sometimes; however, I love that I can save time and use quality sauce that do not contain seed oils.
      1. Primal Kitchen Sauces I always have: Tomato Basil Marinara, Pizza Sauce, Mayo, Ketchup, Caesar Dressing, Ranch Dressing, Dijon Mustard
        1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: Easy Italian Chili, Chicken Crust Pizza, Chicken Parmesan
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  2. Further Food Gelatin and Collagen
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: my keto gummy bears, my protein sparing orange Julius, my protein sparing jelly, keto panna cotta
      1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
  3. Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: my recipe for the BEST SAUCE ever, my steak sauce recipe, my easy keto soup recipes, just about all my sauces and salad dressings use this bone broth and I LOVE sauces so I use it a lot!
      1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
  4. Pork King Good Pork Crumbs and Pork Rinds!
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: my keto Chicken Parmesan, coating fried fish, binder for keto meatballs and meatloaf, my keto fried chicken sandwic
      1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
  5. Redmond Real Salt (smoked salt, garlic salt, onion salt, season salt)
    1. I love their smoked salt to give foods a smoky flavor without spending hours smoking!
      1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: besides everything, I use their garlic salt in my Italian Chili and Protein Noodle Lasagna, I love their onion salt in my Taco meat (which I always have a quadruple batch in the freezer for easy keto tacos)
        1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
  6. Wild Planet Tuna and Salmon (perfect for traveling)
    1. I only use Wild Planet for a few reasons: sustainably line caught and little to no mercury.
  7. Natural Flavorings and Extracts
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: my protein sparing orange Julius, strawberry angel food cake
      1. Click HERE to find!
  8. Allulose Natural Sweetener AND Keto Pancake Syrup
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: We love their allulose pancake syrup! I use their simple syrup to make my sticky Asian Chicken Wings. I use the brown allulose to make my maple curd to put on Dutch baby pancakes and I use their plain allulose in protein sparing bread.
      1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
  9. Swerve Natural Sweetener
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: my protein sparing angel food cake, sugar free desserts, sugar free shakes.
      1. Click HERE to find!
  10. Carnivore Crisps!
    1. They are a delicious crispy meat chip for a great snack to travel with!
      1. WHAT I MAKE WITH THEM: Nachos
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  11.  LMNT
    1. LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix that my boys love. It is a natural Gatorade without the food dye or sugar!
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  12. Everly Drink Mix
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: Gummy bears, Shave Ice, my One Calorie Jelly
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  13. Keto Primo Sauces
    1. We love Keto Primo ketchup and BBQ sauces!
      1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
    1. Taco seasoning and most spices are filled with fillers like maltodexterin (which is 110 on the Glycemic Index while sugar is only 52!).
      1. Click HERE to find a great seasoning company! 
    1. I’m not a huge fan of salty electrolyte drinks. My kids love them, but I prefer to take capsules. I also take them before bed to help with sleep!
      1. Click HERE to find! 
    1. Fish sauce adds umami to foods. I add it to soups, sauces, salad dressings and even deviled eggs!


If you are doing keto to help with weight loss, one misconception is that Keto is a high fat diet and you must consume a lot of fat. This is not true. A high fat ketogenic diet is for therapeutic keto; I only use this approach when I work with clients who have epilepsy, seizures, anxiety or depression, they are doing keto for athletic reasons or suffer with Alzheimer’s. For more on this watch THIS video.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying not to eat any fat, but to put a stick of butter in your coffee will not help you lose weight.

Choosing healthy fats is also essential to have success on your ketogenic journey. Being aware of PUFAs in fats is very important! Click HERE to learn more.


Fruit should be considered “Nature’s Candy.”

Millions of years ago, our early ancestors experienced a fat-gaining phenomenon from fruit, which was nature’s candy, even though they consumed fructose (the type of sugar found in fruit) in the form of natural fruits rather than massive doses of high-fructose corn syrup as people do today. During the summer, they would consume large amounts of fruit and put on weight to survive the famine during the colder months. This led to a genetic mutation that resulted in a more significant uric acid response to fructose. The more fructose or sugar eaten, the more uric acid the body produces, and the liver and intestines’ ability to absorb sugar increases along with it. (That is a bad thing!) Many of my clients have experienced this snowball effect, which leads to a sensitivity to fructose absorption. Once they head down that path, it is almost impossible to stop.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s recommendation to eat two to five cups of fruits and vegetables a day needs to be updated for this reason. This suggestion is problematic. A few years ago, I read that most kids actually do get the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables. Are you shocked to read this? Yep, they eat french fries, onion rings, and ketchup. It’s sad, but these forms of fruits and vegetables do fit the USDA guidelines. Will children reap health benefits from eating these foods? Absolutely not.

Eating three bananas a day isn’t a good idea, either. Studies show that today’s produce is relatively low in phytonutrients and much higher in sugar than it was in Paleolithic times. Consumers want fruits that taste sweet, so scientists modify them accordingly—to get kids to eat them, if nothing else. The sad part is that we think it’s a good thing when kids eat massive amounts of fruit.


My clients have AMAZING results. Why? Because I am very strict with clients who want results FAST and it always works!

One of the things I do is tell them that I only allow 7 specific vegetables. Stick to watery vegetables instead of fibrous ones (obviously never starchy vegetables like carrots). I personally only eat Iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, asparagus, and I use onions and garlic for flavor.


Using spices and herbs are a great way to make your food pop with flavor!

Many times people think that ketogenic foods are boring and lack flavor. This is where I come in! Do not be afraid of using things like REAL ginger in your stir fry! Real ginger instead of powdered ginger will make your food taste restaurant quality!


Some of my recipes will use almond flour or coconut flour. These recipes should be used in moderation or on special occasions. My books and meal plans that focus on weight loss do not use nuts or nut flours.

Unsweetened cashew milk and unsweetened almond milk are not in this category since they are zero fat and almost zero carbs. I am referring to the actual nuts or the nuts ground into a flour. The reason is FAT plus CARBS = weight gain. What are nuts? A lot of fat and a lot of carbs. Especially cashews and pistachios which are why they are not listed!


I love a keto dessert. Having Keto options at home helps me say no to a slice of cake at a wedding. If I were to never let myself have a treat like keto ice cream (which I have some all the time) I wouldn’t be able to say no to sugary filled treats. I no longer feel deprived by allowing keto treats.

HOWEVER, most of the keto desserts I make are nut free like my flourless chocolate torte or my lava cakes. I have better results when my clients eat nut/nut flour free.

Click HERE to read more on Ketogenic Baking.


Something to watch out for when choosing a natural sweetener such as stevia are bulking agents.  The brand “Stevia In the Raw” add ‘bulking’ agents to make it useful for baking with such as maltodexterin. STAY AWAY from those products. Sugar has a glycemic index of 52 where maltodexterin has a glycemic index of 110!

Click HERE to read more on Natural Ketogenic Sweeteners.


There are many ketogenic drinks other than water. Some of our favorites are:

  1. LMNT
    1. LMNT is an electrolyte drink mix that my boys love. It is a natural Gatorade without the food dye or sugar!
      1. Click HERE to find and get a FREE gift with a coupon code!
  2. Everly Drink Mix
    1. WHAT I MAKE WITH IT: Gummy bears, Shave Ice, my One Calorie Jelly
      1. Click HERE to find with a coupon code!
  3. ZEVIA Soda
    1. I suggest to stay away from the caffeinated Zevia options.
  4. NOTE: I personally do not recommend coffee.
    1. Click HERE on why!


Doesn’t April look AMAZING??? I am so proud of her ?

“I was diagnosed on December 5th 2021 with Hashimotos after tons of test because I was feeling so very bad! I said from that day forward I was changing my life!

On December 6th I made the commitment and I have not looked back! July 7th will be 7 months and I am down 37.8 pounds and feel better than I have in years!!

Maria Emmerich, you have forever changed my life and all I can do is say THANK YOU!!

I help and recommend everyone to you!! I would absolutely love to be one of your health coaches one day !” April

Most people I consult are doing keto totally wrong. Get fast results with the my Mind-blowing Keto School!

Click HERE to check out my supplement plans!

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